Cotton Plaster

Our Cotton Plasters are made from white and colored cotton and a solvent-free binder. Depending on the décor, there are different colored admixtures such as shimmer, flake, powder, chips, and filaments. Creative customers can put together their own designs by combining white base material with additions perfect to their liking.

Why cotton plaster?

Seamless: cotton plaster is a seamless coating. Unlike wallpaper, there is no shock edges.

No Mess, No Waste: there is neither dirt nor waste in the process of cotton plastering. Dried coating can easily be wetted with water and washed away.

Antistatic: Cotton is antistatic by nature. For example, if a picture is hung on a cotton plastered wall after a few years, the edges will not be seen. This happens when the fine circulating dust settles from the heating air. This is not available with the product.

Humidity Control: cotton plaster on walls and ceilings improve the indoor climate. Already when applying the coating, a lot of water is used. This therefore lets you know how much moisture the cotton plaster absorbs from the air within the room and again release. For example, the mirror in the bathroom is not fogged up so quickly.

Sound Absorption: A negative sonic image quickly occurs on the staircase due to large flat surfaces. Coating with cotton plaster can prevent this effect. Through a highly structured and porous surface from cotton plastering, sounds are partially absorbed and are not echoed into the room.

Thermal Insulation: Cotton plaster can save you money. The surface temperature of the coated surfaces is on average about 3 degrees higher with our product than that of papered or plastered surfaces. The ideal room temperature will be reached much quicker. Therefore, you require less heating. The savings on energy per room can range between 10% and 20% depending on the use of the heating system.

Easy to Remove and Dispose: Cotton plaster can quickly and easily be removed like a wallpaper or through the use of commercial steam cleaner, even after many years and be disposed in the household garbage.