Company Founder Johann H. Wesemann

In 1893, the industrious craftsman Johann Heinrich Wesemann set out on a “journey” to Switzerland where he got married and settled in Zug. He started his own painting company in March 1897, at 30 years old.

When his two sons, who had also learned the painter’s trade, entered into the business, the painting company was incorporated with a car varnishing shop. This was managed by his son Fritz, while Hans, his brother led the painting department.

Johann Heinrich Wesemann died in 1924.

The Second Generation Hans Wesemann

The second generation managed the company under the name Gebr. Wesemann. The two divisions were separated and operated independently when the third generation gained control of the company.

In 1958, the company went under at the hands of this generation, namely Rolf Wesemann who took over the painting division when his father, Hans died. The operation quickly redeveloped and sometimes employed up to twenty employees.

The Third Generation Rolf Wesemann

10 years after taking over the business, Rolf Wesemann employed his first skyworker – a bold investment that paid off. Nine years later, the first device was replaced by a more powerful skylift working at 21 meters high. With the development of a pigeon control system, the company received a new successful service division.

After over 100 years of history, the fourth generation is the successor in leadership of the company headed by Andreas Wesemann and Katrin Roth Wesemann.

This fourth generation has full confidence in a successful continuation of the company’s traditions.