Protection Against Pigeon

We have over 20 years of experience creating protections from pigeons. We offer comprehensive quality service that consistently meets a high standard at a reasonable price.

Based on our objective, we assemble appropriate and practical systems with which to achieve the best outcome. We do not use electrical installations. Our goal is to make the animals’ stay at the building as uncomfortable as possible. They will not feel at home and so move on.

We work exclusively with stainless steel and weather-proof materials.

Façade Protection
We capture birds and pigeons using nets, wires and barbed wiring. Pigeon droppings cause an enormous amount of material damage and insanitary building conditions. Facades, statues, columns and cornices are particularly ruined because of the acids in pigeon droppings which corrode and decompose building materials. This results in accelerated weathering and depreciation or the need for façade renovations.

For some time now, pigeon control systems have been approved for long-term constructive protection without endangering the animals. Depending on our objective, we use a combination of various systems. They fit in with the structural conditions of the building and provide comprehensive protection against contamination caused by pigeon droppings. We ensure the best possible integration of the respective building aesthetics.

You can also rely on our professional implementation, experience and competence.


Rain pipes are covered with ropes or spines.

Special Orders
Following images show the rest home Waldheim in Zug.
The netting of the brick exterior prevents detaching pieces
to fall and hurt people.